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Do you suffer from chronic pain in your neck, shoulder, or back? If you do then you have probably tried everything under the sun including medications, cortisone shots, PT, Massage, yoga, etc. with minimal to no results. We can help. Even if the doctors have told you that you have no other options and this is something you’ll just have to live with. Many times we hear from our clients that they wish they had come to us sooner before spending years being in chronic pain and trying every other medical intervention.

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Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Does it start in the back of your neck and burn and ache all the way into your shoulders or up into your head causing horrible migraines? You try to find a comfortable position while working that doesn’t send a burning and stabbing sensation that starts in the upper trap/shoulder area and goes down your arm into your fingers. You’ve tried a standing desk, adjusting your chair and mouse position, or even using your non-dominant hand to operate your mouse and nothing seems to help. Or, Does your lower back hurt so badly that you can’t sit in any one position for more than a few minutes at a time? Does it start in one or both sides of your lower back and then radiate down your leg all the way to your foot or even your toes?  

If any of this describes you then I believe we can help you. The things I just described are what we hear on a daily basis from our clients. We also hear “I wish I would’ve come here sooner before I tried all those other things”. What we do works because we do is different than anything you’ve had before. 

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Come to your session and leave feeling great

The Massage Experience

Thomas is as professional as they come. Excellent communication…takes time to understand your needs…uses quality and accredited techniques to relieve pain. Thomas doesn’t band-aid problems. He searches to identify the root of the pain and works for lasting relief from the ground, up. I have been going to Thomas for years. I only have one body and I don’t trust just anyone. Thomas is simply “top-notch.”

Eric Hennes

Josh is not only an expert in the field of medical massage, but a fascinating individual to boot. Our conversations often leave me feeling enlightened and eagerly awaiting the next one. I would highly recommend Josh to any and all I know.

Anthony Becker

I saw Thomas after an injury in my upper back wouldn’t heal. After the first session, I felt so much better. He is very knowledgeable, really listened to what I had to say and is goal oriented. You can tell he wants his clients to make progress and be pain-free. I highly recommend him!

Erin Palmer

Thomas is the best! He does wonderful work and really listens to his clients to figure out how best to help them. On top of that, he’s just a super nice and funny guy! Not only do you get a great massage but also great conversation and plenty of laughs. I highly recommend seeing him!

Aubree Blaquiere

Going to see Thomas really increased my quality of life. I saw massive improvements in my posture and range of motion. Thomas also gave me tips on how to maintain and improve at home on my own.

I’m now able to attack the gym and the golf course like I used to.

I will keep coming back for treatments and recommend the same to everyone.

Chris Comins

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At Medical Massage of Maitland, we specialize in relief from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. Rather than the standard approach of simply rubbing where it hurts, we use some of the most advanced techniques and tools available to address the root cause of the problem for long-term relief. We also don’t spread ourselves too thin and try to do the whole body every session. We find it to be much more effective to treat one section of the body per session making big changes instead of spreading ourselves too thin and making very small changes everywhere. Please let me be clear: Our goal is NOT pain management. It is Rehabilitation. During the session we will assess, treat, and then develop a treatment plan to get you on the path to a pain-free active lifestyle!