About Medical Massage of Maitland

Hello there,

My name is Thomas Rayburn L.M.T. and owner of Medical Massage of Maitland.

I have worked in the field of massage since 2017 and have loved every minute of it! I got into this field to help people, but more than that, to help people who weren’t getting the results they hoped for with other types of treatment.

I have sought out and learned the most advanced and effective techniques that massage has to offer. I have spared no expense to equip myself with the best tools and tables so that I can work efficiently and with the highest possible quality in each and every session. The more I specialized the more I found that I attracted the complex and stubborn problems that people can have. This challenged me to grow and become proficient in treating conditions that other therapists may write off as “lost causes” or believe that surgery is their only hope.

I am married to a wonderful woman and a father to two beautiful sons. I bring integrity, compassion, and value to what I do and I believe that my family makes me a better man and therapist because I don’t just work for myself. I look forward to helping you to become pain-free and take back control of your life!