Rates & Services

All sessions will be a targeted approach directed at addressing the root problems and structural imbalances that may be contributing factors to the problems.



First Session
Approx 2 hrs


Following Sessions
90 Mins

Buy My Day
Starts at $1,000

Prices vary for house calls. Please contact us for details.


New Client Session: The new client's first session is approximately a two-hour session and is $250. The first session will consist of 5-10 minutes of an in-depth physical assessment to ensure a targeted approach and maximum efficiency when treating. You will remove only the clothing necessary to treat the specific area of the body we are treating that session and maybe in various positions throughout the session. We will end with 5-10 minutes left to reassess any changes and make a treatment plan based on our findings and the severity of the problem.

Following Sessions: Subsequent sessions are 90 minutes and are between $200-$225. Less time is needed in subsequent sessions so planning on 90 minutes is appropriate. We will begin and end every session with assessments to track progress and discuss changes since the last visit.

“Buy my day”: Price varies depending on client needs. Starts at $1,000. For individuals who lead very demanding lifestyles, putting aside the time in a day or blocking off-hours at a time can be near impossible. To help solve this problem I offer you the option to buy my day. This consists of an agreed-upon time block that is yours to be used as it fits your day. You may have up to two 90 minute sessions both for yourself or for you and someone else at the same location. Within 30 minutes I can be at my office or your home/office to provide the session at any point in the predetermined time block. I can stop and start at any time during the session and pick up where we left off as your schedule permits. The best part is you don’t have to drive home after your massage!

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